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Anne has not forgiven herself for what she has done in Newcastle, and Pazuzu has taken control of Constantin. When he found his whereabouts, he interrupted one of his rites and tried to explain what he was doing. As it turned out, John found out about Bernie's death, which was not normal. [2] Later, Oliver mentions that Constantine has gone to Hell; after returning, John puts Oliver in touch with Esrin Fortuna. [24], The mysterious attack prompted John to accept Sara's offer and sneak upon the Waverider, bringing a large case of his stuff on board and making a "contract" with the Legends: full benefits, a paid holiday, no cheesy costumes, in exchange for his help with the mystical fugitives. [10], During the crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths", Constantine assists Sara, Barry Allen, and Mia Smoak resurrect a deceased Oliver using a Lazarus Pit on Earth-18 in North Dakota during the time of the Old West. Suddenly, John began to deteriorate and he attacked Chandler and ran away. John Constantine Following that, the two realized that their next stop should be the old Moonrise Records where Bernie used to work. They feels that perhaps Astra can in any case be spared, however Constantine says no. After reaching the mill, taking advantage of John's unconsciousness, the team began to prepare the necessary things by tying the possessed man to the bed. Remembering his promise to his friend, Jasper Winters, John left the hospital and went to the United States. At 5'11", Constantine is the shortest male. John also warned Oliver about Reiter, insisting his narcotics aren't his only interest for being on the island. Wikis entdecken ... Arrowverse Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community. When John returned, after a short conversation with Martin, he realized where his friend had gone. Constantine had his soul token meddled with by Astra and it accelerated the dormant cancer in his lungs to the state they would be in 2030. A TV adaptation starring John Constantine was first announced on September 26, 2013. Constnatine asked Midnite to ask the sister about the Coming Darkness, but the sister only revealed that no matter how much heart John puts into the fight, he would still lose, because someone close to him was involved. When the men saw Anne Marie, they were surprised that she became a nun. He was suddenly attacked by an invisible force, before the bloody letters spelling "I'm coming for you, Johny" appeared on his mirror. At the same time, in one of the bars, John met his friend Becca Schultz, who as a lawyer consulted the sources and obtained the documents for the exorcist regarding the last unexplained death of the whole family, except for the child. In one of the rooms, he met a meditating Zed who pretended that she just wanted to rest. He denied it, but then started to run away. John eventually found what he sought and retrieved it but set off a trap which Oliver saves him from being killed by, insisting he's not one of Reiter's men. Upon entering the spirit world, in the shape of Nanda Parbat, John, Oliver, and Laurel found the room where Sara was trapped in the Lazarus Pit. They are before long defied by a lady with a firearm and gloss over themselves as the dead person's accomplice. Soon after John decided to use a special ritual to find out where Vesta was. [4] During a visit to 1970s London, Constantine visits his parents' pub and attempts to prevent his own birth to save his mother's life, but the timeline automatically prevents him doing so. The Angel, however, could not allow this to happen, and took over Martin's body, tearing out Imogen's heart, killing her. So they decided to go home, but the boy started to run away, stunning Daryl. They manage to establish that what the child took is clearly blurring its tracks. He is also the ex-lover/good friend of Anne Marie Flynn, Sara Lance, and Gary Green, as well as the ex-boyfriend of Desmond and the late Natalie Logue. However, he did not have time to take revenge as the exorcist escaped. Their conversation about drugs was interrupted by Manny, who stopped time to talk to Constantine about the recruit. As expected, Papa Midnite himself attacked him shortly after, successfully hitting him with the As Winchester's bullet. When the exorcist found out that her friend's father was her leader, he understood her fears, promising protection as strong as his abilities would allow. They broke into the morgue, where an exorcist, using the hand of glory, temporarily resurrected the dead body of a deceased friend, who gave Constantine the last of his strength, saying that a vinyl voice had done so to him, and mentioned "Moonrise." [39], Gary and Charlie remain outside the room that contains Astra's dead mother with Gary choosing he needs to go in there to spare Constantine, however his endeavor to use enchantment to open the entryway falls flat, just to take out the door handle, discharging the witch. Constantine takes work where he can get it, so he will even perform a ritual to ensure a marriage if the customer pays him.

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