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Er hatte eine Affäre mit Patty Bouvier und seiner Kollegin und Barts Klassenlehrerin, Edna Krabappel. Seymour SkinnerArmin Tamzarian (non-canon)Mutant Skinner (non-canon) [1]Wizard Skinner (non-canon) [2]Big Butt SkinnerThe PenalizerTwo Basket SkinnerPrincipal Skinner Sergeant Skinner Fireman Skinner [3]Dick FiddlerSpankyThe SticklerPrinskipper SkippalPrincipal SuckerPrincipal SinnerPrinnipple SkimpsterPrincipal Stinkface In "Future-Drama", Skinner is the principal of Springfield High School. Er ist der Rektor der Grundschule von Springfield, welche Lisa Simpson und Bart Simpson besuchen. La goma – se saca de la acacia, se usa en chicles. He is shown at times to be a social Darwinist: For example, in ". However, he wasn't always like this. He claims to be "lop-shouldered" from torture in a north Vietnamese prison camp. [22], Superintendent Chalmers was introduced in the episode "Whacking Day" as a boss for Skinner and Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria, the voice of Chalmers, fell right into the characters and quite often ad-lib between them.[23]. After this outburst of confidence, he proceeds to call the furbishing company for Springfield Elementary to demand that he didn't want a carpet for the halls but his bravado was quenched when he was asked to hold on the phone. The episode was negatively received by fans and critics over the sudden change of Skinner's backstory. As such, they said, fans could dismiss the discontinuities created by the notion that Skinner is actually an impostor and consider the episode on its own terms, divorced from the rest of the series. He loves school so much to the point where he actually kept the school open during a snowstorm and proceeded to carry on with running it even when the teachers and most of the students didn't show up, which would result in everyone turning against him. In Treehouse of Horror XII, Skinner, as Wizard Skinner, presents many magical performances done by the students of Springwarts Elementary School. Due to how much he values education and intelligence, he often fails to recognize that others do not share his enthusiasm. Estado mexicano cuya capital es Guadalajara. At one point, when the Vice President's Assessment Test was coming up, Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers came up with a plan to lure all of the underachievers away from the test day by faking a perfect score on the pretest and then tricking them into going for a Chopper ride to a Pizza Party in Capital City (going as far as to disguise the School Bus as a chopper). He then has to get the kids back to the school, and also saved Ralph Wiggum when he somehow managed to board a garbage barge, to which Skinner impresses Bart and the other underachievers by saving Wiggum using the Conservation of Angular Momentum. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. He also owned a Volvo, which got destroyed by Bart and Milhouse. Walter Seymour Skinner (geboren als Armin Tamzarian), besser bekannt als Seymour Skinner und Rektor Skinner, ist eine wiederkehrende Figur der Simpsons. Owing to his militaristic manner of running the Elementary school, he also tended to do meticulous inspections early in the school day, such as placing his finger and stroking the top of a locker to inspect for dust, personally inspecting and comparing the school clock with his pocket-watch to ensure it is accurate down to the very second, measuring the distance between a wall and a waste disposal can, and using a tuning fork to test the ring vibration of a school alarm system, which also gave Superintendent Chalmers, who attempted to go to the Teacher's Lounge at the time without being seen by Skinner to make a secret announcement planning Skinner's 20th Anniversary as School Principal, a very hard time sneaking past him undetected to such an extent that he bluntly said that not only did Skinner have "a rod up [his] butt", but that said rod had its own rod up its butt after barely arriving at the Teacher's Lounge undetected.[11]. Other than his membership, however, he does not display extreme intelligence but rather seems like an ordinary man constantly irritated by Bart.

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