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Konnan wrestled his last official match for AAA on October 1, 2010, a three-on-two Handicap Hardcore match pitting Joe Lider and Nicho el Millonario as La Hermandad Extrema against the threesome of Damian 666, Halloween and Konnan as La Sociedad. [17] After a brief run, the character was abandoned. [15] From March 2005 onwards, Konnan was also feuding with Vampiro and La Parka in AAA. [15], While still part of WCW, Konnan was contacted by talent scout Pat Patterson on New Year's Eve 1990, which led to a meeting with Vince McMahon, where the initial idea for what became Max Moon was discussed. The amount of work was incredible. La Sociedad defeated Charlie Haas, Super Crazy & Tony Wilson at PDM The War at Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez Moreno in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. [18] Konnan returned again on January 7, 1992 at a WWF Superstars taping in Daytona Beach, FL. In 2009 he announced that he would change his rap name to "Buffalo" due to copyright problems. He then went to Maximum Xtreme Pro Wrestling, where he lost another heavyweight title match; this time against Simon Diamond for the MXPW Heavyweight Title on August 12, 2002. He also created The 3Live Kru for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in the early 2000s and later the Latin American Xchange (LAX) stable there as well. He was also involved in the creation of Lucha Underground, where he was supposed to serve as a writer and producer, but ended up in an on-camera role as manager to Prince Puma throughout the first season. [34], Returning to World Wrestling All-Stars in November and December 2002, Konnan defeated Norman Smiley twice in singles matches on November 28 and 29, 2002, and won in three minutes against Nate Webb on December 6, 2002, at WWA The Retribution in Glasgow. Two days after the announcement Torres revealed that he was planning to retire from professional wrestling at the end of 2011. [38] Konnan gave several interviews about the drug abuse problem in pro wrestling around that time, most notably to the New York Daily News, which indicated that Konnan believed his "hip degenerated after years of steroid abuse and the physical toll of his sport, and...painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs ruined [his] kidney. [15], Konnan wrestled in Australia, the UK, and Germany for World Wrestling All-Stars from October to December 2001. During his first stint in the nWo, Konnan feuded with the Luchadores whom he had brought to WCW. (Spanish Announce Team). In December 2006 Konan Big lost the title for the second and final time to Rayo de Jalisco, Jr.. He is also the host of a television show named Noches de Futbol ("Nights of Football"). Konnan would wrestle twice more as The Latin Fury, the final time at a house show in Hyannis, Massachusetts on July 19, 1992 when he defeated Pete Doherty. By 1967, the family relocated to Carol City in South Florida. Birth Place He also wrestled a tag match teamed with Norman Smiley for MXPW in September 2003. Torres competes primarily in the Monterrey-based Federación Internacional de Lucha Libre (FILL) as well as make occasional appearances for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA). I am also on TV as one of the main managers for heels." On March 20, 2015, Konnan was ringside at a show organized by the independent promotion The Crash, in Tijuana, Mexico, when El Hijo del Perro Aguayo died in a freak accident during a match. At Final Resolution on January 15, 2006, Konnan and Homicide defeated The Naturals. [25], Back in AAA, following interference from Jake Roberts, Konnan lost a two out of three falls retirement match by count-out to Caras at Triplemanía I on April 30, 1993 in front of 48,000 fans in Mexico City, setting the all-time attendance record for a Mexican wrestling event. In September 2014, Konnan was announced as one of the AAA wrestlers to star in the El Rey network's new television series Lucha Underground. Konan Big held the title throughout 2005 and 2006, briefly losing the title to Konnan and then regaining it. The championship was held by all three members of the Kru,[2] until January 28, 2004, when they were defeated by Kevin Northcutt and Legend in Nashville. According to Konnan, "When I was wrestling in Japan, I saw this Japanese anime cartoon robot on TV that shot confetti and fire. [59], Konnan had a weekly podcast on MLW Radio which moved to The Jericho Network in July 2016. The statement was backed up with a victory over Konan Big after only just eight minutes. During this storyline, he wrestled in a Mexican Death match at Road Wild against Rey Mysterio, Jr. and a match against Juventud Guerrera at Uncensored in March 1998. He soon became the leader of the stable, which was active through 2009. Spanish color commentator. Throughout early 2005, the Kru feuded with Michael Shane and Kazarian, Team Canada and The Naturals. [2] The title was then contested in a three-way tag match pitting Konnan and Billy Kidman, representing the Filthy Animals, against Harlem Heat and the First Family (Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobs). In subsequent weeks, Konnan began feuding with Bob Armstrong. Eugenio Torres Villarreal is a Mexican luchador, or professional wrestler, television host and rapper best known under his ring name Konan Big. During a career spanning almost three decades, he has wrestled for independent and national promotions in the United States and Mexico, and held fifteen title belts in nine promotions. Konan Big made a backstage appearance during Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's (TNA) 2007 Genesis Pay-Per-View laying out an open challenge to everyone in TNA. [2] Aguayo gained his revenge on Konnan by defeating him in the only AAA pay-per-view, "When Worlds Collide", in a steel cage match. I write, produce, act as agent, and international liaison for talent. Brown and The Outlaw, who had by now renamed himself "Kip James", defeated Konnan and Killings at No Surrender on July 17, 2005, with James declining to help either team. On November 26, the Kru defeated Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and Glenn Gilberti in a six-man tag team match with the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championships on the line. [58], Konnan has appeared in the video game WCW Nitro, WCW/nWo Revenge, WCW/nWo Thunder, WCW Mayhem, WCW Backstage Assault, Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring. Konan Big [51] He was named Crash' Head of creative until December 2017, when he was released. [21] The Moon character, created by Konnan,[22] was that of a cyborg from "The Future" or "Outer Space". The Kru later feuded with Jarrett's mercenaries, The Elite Guard (Chad Collyer, Hotstuff Hernandez, and Onyx).

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