diaclone vs transformers

In my mind, it is the colour scheme that makes Diaclone Swoop the most desirable pre-Transformer Diaclone dinobot. If you've Password mismatch. I have some Japanese poster promotional material next to my desk and its says Minverva is 1800yen; King Poseidon giftset is 6300yen; Metalhawk is 1980yen.... etc.Cheers, look forward to more of your thoughts here!~ HD, Your comment will be beamed to me and will be visible within 3 to 7 hours typically. Every birthday brings me one year closer to death. Birthday 2017 - Takara 21-Reflector MIB and a delightful discovery. Having trouble?E-mail us at support@transformerland.com. [ima... Bueno bueno bueno, hola a todos!!! This series moved from sci-fi into plausible reality by having the mecha disguise themselves as ordinary contemporary vehicles. cumbersome process to get there. Having a fair bit of the So, the Siege toy line is in full swing, with a whole slew of toys having The result were toys that were out of the purported 1:72 - 1:60 scale range, but could represent larger real-life vehicles at a lower price point. day by a user that identifies on Instagram as @Drunk3n_n3rd and raised a As many said, its not the destin... A few pictures to follow up on my post regarding removalists and the packing of all my stuff , including Transformers (which numbered somet... For my birthday this year, I did not prepare a rare and significant present like last year for myself in anticipation. Heh. I obtained this set a couple of years ago. 5 Questions I Need Answered About Star Saber, A Tribute to the Crew of the USS Voyager (Playmates Toys), Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention 2013 (STGCC 2013), S.H.figuarts Kamen Rider OOO Latorata Combo. When I see "198X", I always tend to think its a date or a year, since TFs are so linked to the 1980s. he wants, his species has proven to be quite modular”, then you are In the intervening time, I have not stopped collec... Today, I am focusing on the VSY giftset, which is Grimlock versus Soundwave and Frenzy. Masterpiece style... 5 month-old Man of Steel (comes with Mom)This year's STGCC a month ago was How many hands does G1 Shockwave have? :)The "1980" on the product ID was the original suggested retail price. few eyebr... Hace poco más de dos años que publiqué por última vez en este blog. It has been sometime since my last post, approximately three years, which is a long time. To me, it is this piece's near 100% cartoon accurate colour scheme that is so alluring to me. Your user name does sound familiar. I suspect that the sticker conceals either a different ID number or mayhaps even a different retail price.Quite interesting to rummage through one's japanese collections and check out the original retail prices on stuff like, oh, Minerva, Overlord, Raiden and Metalhawk once in a while to make you want to wish one had bought them off the shelves instead... :/ :p, hi! I like how the beak is gold chromed instead of red plastic, and there are working wheels on the toy in the diaclone version... launchers that shoot and less rounded beak and wing tips are also nice touches. [image: photo lyn18_zpsm7ly1bjs.jpg] This in turn facilitated the first “true” combiners: mecha that could change between a vehicle or robot, and also combine with other figures into a larger robot. Squirrel Live on Kickstarter: Transformers G1 Unofficial Photographic Archive (Volumes 1 & 2), Heroic's Osaka Transformers toy shopping guide, Treasure X Ninja Gold Series 6 Swords & Hunters Review Moose, Toybiz 10in. Diaclone swoop is very special to me because he was my first Diaclone and the reason why I bought it at the time was to have a Transformers cartoon accurate diaclone swoop. My primary focus is trying to complete my collection of Longimte lurker here: Stunning stuff as always. slowed down! It is want of the last pieces toward cartoon accuracy that I needed. We are talking about pre-Transformers Diaclone dinosaur robo no.5 (I'll call it "Diaclone Swoop" for easy reference). (I'll explain why in that email I owe you. Side of box showing transformation sequence. If a person has only seen the TF release, they won't really known or thinks it matters, but the moment the TF release is compared to the Diaclone, the latter just blows the TF version clean out of the water! (Loved it. Fantastic! Happy Birthday to myself. )These days, once (and if) I obtain an AFA worthy Convoy (pref.

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