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[29] However, when Neron takes control of Ray Palmer's body, John enters Hell in order to save him. When he didn't respond to her advances, the widow shouted at him and made a scene in front of the guests, publicly showing Constantine out of her house. Joined by Gary of the Time Bureau, John confronted the Legends about their latest screw-up. To everyone's surprise, it was a descendant of Hugo, more precisely a child of his eldest son. Seeing on TV that the demon stopped at the cinema, they decided to defeat the beast together. After informing his friends what they were struggling with, Constantine reassured Hugo that his descendants might be alive, as Lamashtu tends to slowly absorb the vital energy of babies. This is possibly a reference to how Sting was the source of visual inspiration for Constantine's look. Immediately after that, the team returned for Anton, whom she had brought to the Fell's house. He had Oliver forcibly take him to the area he sought and performed a spell to uncover the hidden passageway, much to Oliver's shock. So they decided to recover it, putting a protective spell around the shed before.[12]. Actor All of them returned safely, with Sara restored to life. Soon after, the two men met outside the hospital, where an angel began to describe the experienced feelings. [20] The whole crowd was interrupted by the attack of "ghouls" - healed by Zachary, which forced him, along with Constantine and Martin, to flee to the church. Sara asked John to help, as the two went on a search for the unicorn and the other Legends affected by the unicorn glitter. Er hat große Ähnlichkeit zum Musiker Sting bzw. After a while, the man noticed the thread he was following into the vast corridors. He started mocking his friends, trying to break them down and pointing out their greatest failures. Wikis. John eventually found what he sought and retrieved it but set off a trap which Oliver saves him from being killed by, insisting he's not one of Reiter's men. Soon after, to the surprise of John's waning, Anne Marie also appeared, who promised to help. [14], Later, John as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[14] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe. He made the most of it by forcing Gary to carry his magical gear and take care of talking to people annoying him on-job. Soon after, Zed and Chas appeared in front of the prison, who were planning to go to the prison. As soon as the doctor left the room, Constantine tried to explain that people were always looking for a cause-and-effect relationship without seeing the other side of the medallion. He only shouted that Gary knew what he was writing for and had Martin set up a room at the end of the long corridor. [24], The mysterious attack prompted John to accept Sara's offer and sneak upon the Waverider, bringing a large case of his stuff on board and making a "contract" with the Legends: full benefits, a paid holiday, no cheesy costumes, in exchange for his help with the mystical fugitives. The occultists went to the hospital morgue, where they wanted to examine Linda's body. As Zed moved away from the men, Constantine asked Chas to check her out, as she is smart but still doesn't trust her. Therefore, he decided to accept John's offer and work with him, but John in return wanted to contact Hell with the help of his sister, after executing the plan. While helping the Legends return the Encores to Hell, John nearly had his life cut short by a grown-up Astra, who sped up the 10 years of lung cancer he would accumulate. Ditching Zed at the hotel, Constantine traveled to the wake ceremony in remembrance of late Lannis Cadogan with a Hearty Cuisine Chicken Dinner as a gift, using the situation to snoop around the house and look for clues. Constantine unleashes the power of Pazuzu on Lamashtu. He decided that they were both like cancer that spreads disease on and on. To this end, Julio collected entire supplies of heroin from all prisoners, which they then injected intravenously into Constantine. General Information Horrified by the fact that some magician had managed to separate soul from body, he decided to contact an old friend who was a medium. [31] After recovering Ray's soul with the help of Nora Darhk, John deceives Neron into breaking his own word. Biological Information The exorcist quickly took the artifact from his friend and tried not to comment on the whole incident, finding the item he had been looking for. After Gary got the item he needed, they went to the movies together, stealing two ID cards on the way. When he came to his senses, on one of the streets he met a boy, Okot, in whose body a demon was hidden. After a while, they met with Chas, to whom John gave the child and left the catacombs. He showed him the newspaper of the 47 people who died in the fire, declaring himself a victim - the 48th. Once there, John deactivated the camouflage spell, discovering the mage's hideout, who turned out to be Felix Faust - a powerful wizard who managed to separate the body from the soul and intends to use it to increase his own power. Finally figuring it out, John came back to Lannis Cadogan's widow, revealing his suspicions about her use of Gypsy black magic. But he knew what had happened in this place lately was not normal, and he took the business card from Constantine. Whenever Tommy came home from drinking, which John stated was "every night", he would physically abuse his son, reminding him that Mary Anne died because of him. Before he left the Waverider he confided in Ray Palmer that despite Sara's strong will she would eventually succumb to Mallus as Nora did. Constantine left Zed with Lester and decided to investigate who he was dealing with. It was then that Zachary realized his mistake and said that it was all his fault and that everything could have turned out differently had he not killed a man by accident one evening. [26], Later, when the team realizes the British Monarchy collapses due to a scandal involving Elizabeth II, Sara, Zari, Mick, and himself try to investigate a band called The Smell, where he accused one of the members of being a Leprechaun, a fight breaks out and causes Ray to get caught up with the band. He is also known for having a very dry sense of humor. John also commented on the number of pretty girls Oliver had surrounded himself with, which made them feel somewhat uncomfortable. Ryan returned to portray his role in the Arrowverse show Arrow in the fourth season, until joining the cast of the television series Legends of Tomorrow starting in the third season. Soon after, the three visited Fennel's store, which began to threaten Constantine with a shotgun. They both returned to the angels shortly after, interrupting their conversation about the suffering Imogen had experienced. He meets with Jeanie and uncovers he knows where the shakedown reserve is.

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